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Friday, September 28, 2012

Long Time Coming

Hard to believe it has been almost two years since I did anything with this blog, and now that I have changed a few things in my life, I think I now have sometime to get back to it, so here goes...

Opening night for the 2012-13 Hawks was a exciting.  A team back with many players, players that were back to back WHL Western Conference champs, and they had the good old rival T-Birds on the ice which should have been a Portland arse kicking...  Little did we as fans know that Seattle would put a kid in net that would dominate the game.  Mr Glover, was a glove, blocker, stick and a few pads away from being the best player on the ice.  I knew the home town boys were in trouble as soon as they put 30, yes 30 shots on net without getting a goal.  Portland ended up dropping that game 5-2, and really didn't look all that great in the 2nd and 3rd.  Not the first time Portland has come out flat, and even with everyone in town for the pre-season, it really takes some time to get players feeling good with one another.

Game 2 was another story.  It was Portland's turn to go into Seattle and kick their arse.  Another nice tussle for newbie Mahon (two bouts in two nights).  Maybe Portland has a new protector for the likes of Ty Rattie, (Nic Petan anyone??)  and a team is starting to form.  Portland finished the three in three with another road win in TC.  So, Portland is 2-0 on the road which bodes well for the upcoming Eastern Swing, and 0-1 at home, which hopefully is changed this weekend with a two game home tilt with Kelowna.

Good to be back, at least a little bit...

Monday, November 01, 2010


Well, that was the Rockets weekend, and I guess Parents Weekend part 1? It was an odd weekend to have the parents in, unless the Hawks are planning another weekend after the deadline? I expected the team to introduce the parents as they have in years past, but I guess that was a different event?

On the ice, the team is staying with the hot hand in Mac Carruth. He is getting better and better... His numbers through the first month or so are outstanding. He is currently first in GAA and save percentage...

The Hawks overall seem to be hitting their stride. I think Nino was pressing way too much on Friday night, so it was good to see him relax a bit and play better on Saturday. As for the team, is 110 points within their reach? Is a 50 goal scorer, 100 points, yes and yes and yes. Ty and Sven are tearing it up as 17s with their scoring and with Nino back the Hawks have line 1a and line 1b. Both are going to score and teams are going to stack their D against Ryan, Brad and Nino, so Ty, Sven and Teal will have room to put up points.

One last thought... now that Portland has an open overage spot, wouldn't Tyler Johnston from Spokane look good in a Hawk Sweater for the rest of the season? He has won a Memorial Cup, knows the league and would add some real gritty experience to the roster...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mac's Week

Mac Carruth is becoming one of the dominant netminders in the WHL. In two home games and in his last three he has allowed two goals in total. His save percentage for the season is 95.2% with a GAA of 1.58, and he is 4-1 in 5 games. Then his backup is 9th in the WHL with a 92.5% and 2.63 GAA. Not bad for a couple of 18 year olds. But what is really starting to show is that Mac is making a case to this team that he will do his part to back stop this team on a run for the cup. You can't win a cup in the fall, but you can lose one and with Mac starting the year on the DL, it would have been easy to either rush him back or fall back in the standings. Portland stuck with Hamilton to allow Mac to fully heal and now they are taking off.

In the last couple of games Mac looked confident and unphased at the play in front of him. He wasn't just mechanical as many young goalies are becoming, he was involved. He played the way you want a goalie to play, it is all about the player the puck and the goal line. Mac has that all going right now.

It was great to see Portland go to the young guys in the shoot out last night. Ty Rattie is in another world right now and is quickly becoming the scoring threat we all saw in Everett as a 15 year old. And did you see the pure joy on Brendan Leipsoc face, before he got his chance in the shoot out? That grin will not soon be forgotten, that is what you want to see, a player out there for the joy of competing having fun. Hopefully we will see that through out the season.

Parents weekend is up next... Odd that the Hawks play the Rockets in back to back games, never the less Portland beat the Rockets last weekend so it should be a good couple of games for the parents.

The first 2010 - 2011 Hawkey Talk Pizza Update Show is Monday. New location, Flying Pie in Milwaukie. I am going to miss Stark Street, but look forward to the new place. Come on out and meet 6 players... Mac Carruth, Keith Hamilton, Taylor Peters, Seth Swenson, Brenden Leipsic and Derrick Pouliot.