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Friday, September 28, 2012

Long Time Coming

Hard to believe it has been almost two years since I did anything with this blog, and now that I have changed a few things in my life, I think I now have sometime to get back to it, so here goes...

Opening night for the 2012-13 Hawks was a exciting.  A team back with many players, players that were back to back WHL Western Conference champs, and they had the good old rival T-Birds on the ice which should have been a Portland arse kicking...  Little did we as fans know that Seattle would put a kid in net that would dominate the game.  Mr Glover, was a glove, blocker, stick and a few pads away from being the best player on the ice.  I knew the home town boys were in trouble as soon as they put 30, yes 30 shots on net without getting a goal.  Portland ended up dropping that game 5-2, and really didn't look all that great in the 2nd and 3rd.  Not the first time Portland has come out flat, and even with everyone in town for the pre-season, it really takes some time to get players feeling good with one another.

Game 2 was another story.  It was Portland's turn to go into Seattle and kick their arse.  Another nice tussle for newbie Mahon (two bouts in two nights).  Maybe Portland has a new protector for the likes of Ty Rattie, (Nic Petan anyone??)  and a team is starting to form.  Portland finished the three in three with another road win in TC.  So, Portland is 2-0 on the road which bodes well for the upcoming Eastern Swing, and 0-1 at home, which hopefully is changed this weekend with a two game home tilt with Kelowna.

Good to be back, at least a little bit...

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